What Are We Reading in the Office?

Like any Faith Formation Department worth its salt, we take study seriously. Not just intermittent study when it's convenient but perpetual learning, wherein as leaders we offer our intellects to God for continuous formation. The Book of James has some stern words for those who teach about God: Not many of you should become teachers,… Continue reading What Are We Reading in the Office?

Don’t Just Read It, See It: Using Art to Explain Theology to Children

When I was teaching catechism to third graders years ago, it just so happened that I ended up doing and using a ton of art to teach within the classroom. There was something about the deep yearning of these kids' brains about the faith yet their language capacity wasn't quite there yet to explore these… Continue reading Don’t Just Read It, See It: Using Art to Explain Theology to Children

The Memento Mori Daily Examen

There's a media-savvy nun by the name of Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble who, inspired by classical paintings of Mary Magdalen and the ancient Christian practice of memento mori, kept a skull on her desk for a year as a daily reminder of her death and documented the practice in a seemingly unlikely evangelical ally of… Continue reading The Memento Mori Daily Examen

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

When taking a moment to muse on how slowed down the world has become in response to COVID-19, with traffic eerily scarce and a new silence permeating a once-perpetual noise, the title of this book popped into my head as an alternate nickname for the coronavirus: "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry." It's title penned by… Continue reading The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry