Sophia Institute: March 2020 Current Events Lesson


St. Bernadino of Siena, Patron of Respiratory Illnesses

Of all the textbook options out there, rarely am I inspired by a textbook but I do perk up when it comes to the materials created by the Sophia Institute for Teachers. They’ve been giving more in-person seminars at the Diocese of Green Bay lately, and I like their approach because it is politically neutral, clean and beautifully designed, and fosters a theological and critical way of thinking, all things sorely missing in catechetical textbooks today.

They’ve just come out with a teaching resource for their “Current Events” category of lesson plans, whereby they address COVID-19 for students from an informed perspective on Catholic teaching. It’s called “Confronting Fear with Faith” and a mini-packet of Scripture readings, reflection questions, and themed prayers which can all be adapted as needed and done as a family can be downloaded and/or printed:


In reference to the above patron saint, I’d like to post the accompanying prayer now here and encourage the family to come together in the safety of faith as we are called to face the frightening unknown together.


Prayer of St. Bernardino of Siena: Patron of all who suffer respiratory illness

Parent or Leader: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
All: Amen.

All: Jesus, Name full of glory, grace, love and strength!
You are the refuge of those who repent,
our banner of warfare in this life,
the medicine of souls,
the comfort of those who mourn,
the delight of those who believe,
the light of those who preach the true faith,
the wages of those who toil,
the healing of the sick.

To You our devotion aspires;
by You our prayers are received;
we delight in contemplating You.
O Name of Jesus,
You are the glory of all the saints for eternity.

Parent or Leader: St. Bernardino!
All: Pray for us!


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