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Written by T. Orlando

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How Self-Betrayal Opens the Door to Disorder of the Soul

One of the most difficult things I’ve been confronted by is how to respond when the will of another person is contrary to my own. In the quick moment of discernment during this stalemate, where negotiation is not always possible, when do you stick to your guns and when do you concede? Is it better…

The Blessing of Knowing What You Want and the Courage to Ask for It

Vierling – Sacred Heart Find your delight in the Lord    who will give you your heart’s desire. Psalm 37:4 One of the blessings of living in this area is the low cost of living, and as a result I am able to afford a lovely and spacious historic apartment on a modest salary. However, after moving so…

What Are We Reading in the Office?

Like any Faith Formation Department worth its salt, we take study seriously. Not just intermittent study when it’s convenient but perpetual learning, wherein as leaders we offer our intellects to God for continuous formation. The Book of James has some stern words for those who teach about God: Not many of you should become teachers,…

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